New product, “Hello Kitty’s Ko-jami Chinton” goes on sale!

We are pleased to announce the release of “Hello Kitty’s Ko-Jami Chin-Ton,” a collaboration product between “Ko-Jami Chin-Ton,” a simplified version of the authentic shamisen, and “Hello Kitty,” a character that is very popular around the world!

The Ko-jami Chin-tong was developed as an easy-to-play shamisen instrument that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults, and is still enjoyed by many people today.

The product was developed by incorporating Hello Kitty’s design into the Sonjami Chinton so that people can experience a traditional Japanese musical instrument in a more adorable design while maintaining its function as a musical instrument.

There are three designs: “plum blossom and Temari(traditional Japanese handball game)”, Cherry blossom kimono”, and “Heart Love”.

The “Umehana and Temari” is a luxurious design based on red and gold colors, and it is worth seeing even if you just display it in your room.

Sakura Kimono” is a very cute design based on pink, with Kitty wearing a pink kimono. You might want to hold it in your hand along with the kimono and enjoy the sound of the shamisen.

Heart Love” has a red and white design that gives a sense of Japan, and its pop heart mark is a cute combination.

All of these products are handmade one by one by shamisen craftsmen.

We hope that people who have never touched the shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument, and people who like Kitty will pick one up and experience the sound of the shamisen for themselves.

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